Before the age of 25, all indicators of the skin are upwards until the peak. After the age of 25, it will slowly fall, so the work of preventing skin aging must start gradually in the early 20s. How can we alleviate aging and extend our young skin for a limited time? It is necessary to start from the small details of life, develop good eating habits, and eat more foods that delay aging so that our skin can maintain a youthful vitality.

By studying women’s eating habits, we can get a conclusion. Generally, women with premature skin aging prefer to eat sweets and some pickled foods such as cucumbers and carrots. Of course, there are many fried foods that people like, and spicy foods such as mala, hot pot, and the habit of drinking. Some women who love beauty pay attention to their usual eating habits and usually choose some foods that have a good value for the skin. I will introduce you to several delicious foods that can maintain your skin.

The deep sea fish

Salmon is the most effective fish in all deep-sea fish. Salmon contains a potent antioxidant ingredient-astaxanthin, which is derived from the orange-red color of salmon. Astaxanthin has 550 to 1000 times the …

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