In the process of weight loss, diet is as much a concern as exercise. Finding foods that are more conducive to weight loss is a proposition that all slimmer have been exploring. Here is a summary of the food that not only breaks down fat but also beautiful skin. It can help you solve the distress of eating during slimming.

Pineapple vinegar

The belly is one of the most easily deposited parts of fat, and pineapple vinegar has a well-known effect in removing belly fat. In pineapple vinegar, there is a protein called bromelain. It breaks down enzymes, which prevent proteins from becoming fat deposits, helping build muscles and breaking down body fat. Pineapple vinegar helps relieve symptoms of bloating similar to indigestion. Water and vinegar are diluted in a ratio of 9:1 and can drink after a meal. In addition, you need to confirm the sugar content. Only the low sugar content can be more effective slimming.


In the process of losing weight, the surging appetite is one of the reasons why it is difficult to persist. At this point, avocado can help eliminate appetite. It is very useful for people who still have an appetite after eating. In addition, if you want beauty and health, avocado is the …

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